Choosing a More Green Energy Plan

When I first moved here to Texas, it was like another world to me. I had always heard that Texas was unique in so many ways, but I really did think that was just hype. I can tell you that it is not though. The area I live in is gorgeous. It really does make a person feel so connected to nature, and that is what started me on my green lifestyle. It made me fall in love with the land around me, which made me want to do everything I could do make sure I was leaving my corner of the world a better place for my children.

One of the ways I did that was by changing electric companies. I had no problems with the company that I was with before as far as rates and customer service, but they did not have a green plan that I was satisfied with. I had found a website that showed me the different companies that I was able to choose from, and I looked at only the ones that have a green plan. When I came to Green Mountain Energy, I was really happy with everything that I found out about it.

I was able to determine that they have several different plans that would be environmentally friendly, and the cost was actually better for me too. I was able to go to their website and read about sustainable energy plans along with so much more. There is a section there about solar power, which I found extremely interesting, and that is what I am going to be focused on pretty soon. In the meantime, I have chosen a plan that allows me to do my part to ensure that we are treating the planet in the kindest ways possible, and that makes me feel pretty good too!

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